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Interprint Installs Second Mailing Line... Read More

With demand high for our direct mail services, Interprint has installed a second mailing line to ensure fast project turn times for products that mail via the USPS. "We increased our production hours on our current mail facility, but still needed more fire power" states Scott Morten, President and Co-owner of Interprint Web Printing. "We decided to order additional equipment and add on to our current mailing facility to position ourselves where we could provide faster turn times which direct mailers must have. According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA) 65% of consumers made a purchase as a result of direct mail. With a higher conversion rate than any other medium, direct mail out-pulled all other channels in terms of conversion rates, and also enjoys longer “shelf life” than email, so we understood our customers desire to use direct mail products in their marketing mix.

Installation is now in full operation. F
or more information regarding our complete turn-key, in-house services for print, mail and digital media, contact Interprint today to discuss your marketing plans and how we can best assist your marketing goals.


Interprint Forms Partnership With Fujifilm Services... Read More

Interprint Web Printing is pleased to announce our partnership with Fujifilm Services. With product demand high, and market share increasing from our publishing clientele, we were seeking suppliers who are technology leaders in pre-press.

For Interprint, Fujifilm Systems is providing cutting edge products, combined with responsive solutions to our production needs. When time critical support is needed, Fujifilm delivers on-the-spot tech support ensuring that our pre-press systems and services operate seamlessly for our clients. For more information regarding our services and how Interprint can benefit your business goals, contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives for innovative print solutions.


Interprint Qualifies For G7 IDEAlliance Master Proof-To-Print Status... Read More

Interprint Web Printing has successfully completed rigorous training, testing and auditing to achieve the IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer status. Our current proofing devices and printing equipment have been calibrated using the G7 Master Process. Interprint pre-press technicians and press crews underwent training and qualified in accordance to the G7 Master process, achieving optimal color matching of our proofs to the printed product. This also ensures color matching from press to press, as well as, color conformity between our different production facilities.

Interprint is excited to be part of a select group of printing firms who have committed to the G7 Master Printer process for their color management. Customer supplied files become much more interchangeable between other firms including ad agencies, printers and pre-media outlets that also use the G7 Master Process. Many print buyers request that their print service providers become G7 qualified as a print purchase may involve several print processes. If you’re purchasing print services which fall outside of our product offerings, we encourage you to select a G7 Qualified vendor.

Interprint Installs Fiber Optics For Fast File Uploads & Robust Online Proofing... Read More

Interprint has installed Fiber Optics Dedicated Internet Access throughout our business offices and manufacturing plants. For businesses that upload large files on a regular basis, Fiber Optics affords a more reliable, faster upload speed.fiber-optic-cableMOD.png

Additionally, for our users who view their proofs online with our Rampage Remote® file and proofing service, they will experience a more seamless and robust proofing session due to the increase of speed that Fiber Optics provides.

Should you have any questions concerning your file uploads or online proofing, please contact your representative or email us at or call us Toll Free at 800-749-5152.

Interprint Certified As Green Business ... Read More

Total Energy Concepts (TEC) & V-Blox Certified Green Facility Accreditation.

Interprint is honored that we were the first printer in the Southeast United States to hold the Total Energy Concepts (TEC) and V-Blox Certified Green accreditation. Total Energy Concepts (TEC) and V-Blox have spent the last few years establishing their Certified Green Program for business who wish to reduce energy consumption, and help save the environment through the use of V-Blox power factor correction and voltage optimization.

The Certified Green Program recognizes companies that have made the substantial investment to lower their carbon footprint by optimizing their electrical system and reduce energy consumption with a custom engineered V-Blox Energy Optimization System. There are many benefits of the TEC and V-Blox Certified Green Program including operational, societal and government recognition. Operational benefits include reduced energy consumption, a lower carbon footprint, reduced maintenance costs & downtime, plus, increased equipment life. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognizes TEC and V-Blox Certified Green Program as an important component in Green practices to conserve energy, reduce water consumption and protect air quality with reduced waste.