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Interprint Certified As Green Business ... Read More

Total Energy Concepts (TEC) & V-Blox Certified Green Facility Accreditation.

Interprint is honored that we were the first printer in the Southeast United States to hold the Total Energy Concepts (TEC) and V-Blox Certified Green accreditation. Total Energy Concepts (TEC) and V-Blox have spent the last few years establishing their Certified Green Program for business who wish to reduce energy consumption, and help save the environment through the use of V-Blox power factor correction and voltage optimization.

The Certified Green Program recognizes companies that have made the substantial investment to lower their carbon footprint by optimizing their electrical system and reduce energy consumption with a custom engineered V-Blox Energy Optimization System. There are many benefits of the TEC and V-Blox Certified Green Program including operational, societal and government recognition. Operational benefits include reduced energy consumption, a lower carbon footprint, reduced maintenance costs & downtime, plus, increased equipment life. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognizes TEC and V-Blox Certified Green Program as an important component in Green practices to conserve energy, reduce water consumption and protect air quality with reduced waste.